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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. now at 11:00. >> give her more days, please. give her more days. just in the nick of time they are keeping jahi mcmath on life support for another week. the fight is not over. >> we are not sure it was the right judgment call, but it was the judgment call of the judge and we will comply. this is the bay area's news station. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. respondents for the ventilator and current treatment support by respondent. >> i keep thanking god and
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everybody out there to keep praying for my daughter. >> an emotional statement by the family of jahi mcmath. she will stay on a ventilator at least another week. she has a facility outside of california that will take jahi but children's hospital would have to cooperate to get her moved. jeff, what is the latest? this fight is not over. >> reporter: today is supposed to be the day jahi was taken off the ventilator, but they got an extension on the court order. >> i am not trying to hold on to a corpse. my daughter is alive. it may be a small victory. today was a hard day for me.
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i feel like my daughter is on death row. >> reporter: the legal victory to keep her daughter on a ventilator for another week is a nice surprise giving the family time. >> i am her voice. all of those people praying for her is her voice. >> reporter: the family needs to come up with a facility to pay for her and transport her. still the family is holding out hope. >> this case is about jahi and about choices. who gets to make these choices regarding your children and health care in this most inmate
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and fundamental situation. >> reporter: the hospital says this family has been misled by their attorney and the child is being held alive by misruling. >> jahi is dead. she was ruled dead by an independent physician. >> reporter: for now she on a ventilator until january 7th. thank you, as we continue to bring you developments. you can get updates on our website, facebook, and twitter. san francisco police say there is an officer involved shooting near the golden gate
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park station. alecia reid is live near where this happened. alicia? >> reporter: yes, katherine, it is still an active scene. we counted two dozen detectives and police officers. you can see more of what the scene is like. now detectives are can can vassing the area. we don't have much information right now, but we do know this is a police-involved shooting. detectives took three shell casings that we counted since we have been here. this portion of 19th avenue they have the street blocked off. they have said they will be here the next few hours.
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more cops keep coming and going. if i pan to my left here behind this police car there was a part of the crash or something that happened. his car has damage to it. they were noting the damage of the bumper of his car. that is the latest we have from here. the cops canvassing the scene. we are not sure of the condition of the suspect, but we have it confirmed this is a police-involved shooting. if we hear anything else we will bring you the latest. alecia reid, kron4news. we are learning more about the man found dead at a construction site in daly city.
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they found him inside a building, a sports authority store. it does not appear to be homicide or suicide. this ambulance crew was dealing with a case inside a building when the thief jumped in and drove away. it was found a mile away. a few small items were taken. i hope you are enjoying this view. we should have a clear, cool evening. we have very fair weather. 46 in hayward and 47 in fremont. we can look at our sat
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satellite and radar imagery. rain was not meant to be today or for the remainder of 2013 or first few days of 2014. what we have been getting used to is unseasonably warm. 42 for hayward and 43 is the low for san mateo. forecast coming up. icy waters near the south pole, there are stranded passengers on a ship from the bay area. we have a warning from doctors. one place you may not want to go tomorrow night is downtown oakland. the reason coming up. thursday at 9:00 after the news, sports night live.
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. the city of oakland is bracing for protests beginning new year's eve. they will walk from the plaices a plaza to city hall. there will be extra officers on duty. on the 1st there is a rally about the man shot by a bart officer 5 years ago. the coast and bay area noticing high tides. a couple stranded on a ship near the north pole. we have the 49ers, packers matchup and jim harbaugh
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. it is winter and flu season. this is in the south where it is bad. other states are seeing a rough season taking shape. you do have a lot of company. it has arrived in northern california. as dan deer kerman is telling us, it is spreading rapidly. >> we had school age children, now this week it is everybody. the kids started it in the schools. now that they are home they are passing it to everyone. it is very common among all age groups . >> reporter: he is a pediatric
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doctor. he says it is the h1n1 strain. >> those that got vaccinated should be protected. >> reporter: this mix of cough, congestion, fever and body aches could be around for a while. >> a normal flu is 6 weeks and we have 4 more weeks, but every year is different. >> reporter: this can last up to a week. if you catch it early the medication tamiflu can lesson the symptoms. don't go to the office and don't go to gatherings with friends. don't spread it. wash your hands. there is also a nasty
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stomach virus. a flu shot will not help, but it typically lasts 48 hours. people were scrambling for last-minute tax deductions. there will be a big party trying to get more people to bring donations. they will offer free ice cream. you can get rid of clutter and help other people get jobs. >> this is part of goodwills mission. we ask people to come out and help us create more jobs in 2014. last year we created 600 jobs in 2013. we are hoping to do that and more by filling 50 trucks tomorrow. >> tomorrow's event will run
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from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. two people trapped on a ship in antarctic ice since christmas day are from the bay area. they have not been able to be reached. the chinese ship has a helicopter that may be used to air lift people when weather improves. they love to travel and may have gotten the adventure they were looking for. >> john is it george's friend and co-worker. they install solar panels together. >> they will go to turkey for a week or india. they travel all over. >> reporter: when george said they were taking a ship to
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antarctica he wasn't surprised. >> i said you be careful out there. i need you. >> reporter: john hasn't heard from them until he saw a russian ship was stuck in the ice. >> a picture of him waving. his wife not looking as happy. >> reporter: george and john were going to start a solar installation that is now on hold. he hopes they make it hope save. >> what will you say when he gets home? i will say you wanted an adventure and you found one. >> reporter: right now our live camera, we have clear conditions. tomorrow not so clear, another
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spare the air alert. the 23rd this season. use public transit. that would be a good night to do it. no wood burning allowed. afternoon highs 66 in cupertino. 64 in santa clara. and 66 the high in milpitas. 63 in walnut creek. 63 is the high in pittsburgh. we have 62 in petaluma. 60 by the coast. we can look at the new year's eve forecast in case you can't watch katherine and gary. midnight mostly clear skies,
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nothing drastic. game time for the 49ers it will be 17. you think you are chilly now, think again. that is what it will be in green bay sunday. mike will be at the game providing live updates. sunshine, mid-60s and staying out of the low 30s for the lows. i am hoping for good weather and clear skies. i will be doing this, the kron4 new year's live, the only local live show. gary and i will be in a great spot overlooking the fireworks. new years' live right after the news at 11:00. in sports dennis allen will be back next season. will the 49ers be bothered by the elements in green bay?
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we have the answer coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. if the 49ers make it back to the superbowl, they will have to do something they have never done before, win a play off in green bay. it sounded good when i wrote
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it. it will be 15 degrees. they beat the packers in divisional play offs. both games were at candlestick park. colin kaepernick put up huge numbers. most memorable moment was clay matthews taking someone out of bounds. kaepernick threw 412 yards, 3 touchdowns, but sunday's game will be cold in green bay. harbaugh asked if that was a factor. >> we will play, what the weather is like will be how we play. we will play hard and keep our body's warm. >> reporter: clearly not concerned with the weather, but that is our condition of the day. given aaron rogers returns will
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they win? why or why not? we will share some of your comments live on the air thursday at 9:00 during sports night live with gary. he will go one on one with warrior's head coach. this is after the 8:00 news. as for the raiders, dennis allen was asked if he will be back next year. >> i haven't been told i won't. there are no guarantees, but i am moving forward in that direction. i expect to be the coach of the football team. >> he seems to be coach, but tampa bay let go of their
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coach. detroit fired theirs, probably for this shoving match. little surprise. mike shanahan was shown the door by washington. 24 and 40. all right. the season marchs on. the alamo bowl and the final game with the longhorns. 4th quarter 23-7, oregon. the back up quarterback is picked off by derek malone. he and his wife walk off the field. final is 30-7 oregon wins.
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that's it. see you tomorrow, everybody.
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robin roberts ends her dramatic year with big news. she comes out on facebook, what we know about her girlfriend of ten years. then, superstar beyonce under fire, she just used audio from the space shuttle disaster in her new song. >> obviously a major malfunction. >> now the victims' families are calling it inappropriate and insensitive. plus, britney spears launches her big vegas show, did she lip sync? some fans left furious. and, first video of embattled "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson, but the family is not talking about his suspension being lifted. >> don't worry about


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